The Program

BNICE is an elementary school moral awareness program that focuses on helping kids grow positive relationships with others by developing a stronger sense of empathy and improving their self-esteem. BNICE integrates both of these factors through an interactive, discussion-based program that is adaptable, engaging and sustainable. Two presentations are offered: a K-3 grade program that incorporates real life examples and music and movement. The second is a 4-6 grade program which presents more interactive activities that inspire critical thinking relating to ones character and everyday life. Both of which are adaptable to continue your schools current specific character development efforts.

BNICE helps our kids become even better human beings.

The Man

Chris French has been an advocate and presenter on character education for over two decades. Character development is his passion! All of his experience has led him to the creation of this program that he has been sharing with thousands of students across the nation. Over the years, he’s worked with many youth at leadership retreats, conferences, schools and summer camps.



BNICE School Presentations Are…


Varied presentation settings, from individual classrooms to general assemblies.

Flexible presentations to address the specific moral needs of the students.
Versatile program that best fits the school’s daily schedule, which integrates into a dynamic education environment.
Equipped with age-appropriate program styles for primary, secondary and middle schools.


BNICE helps kids feel confident by providing them with self-esteem building activities, impactful storytelling, and relatable examples.

The program enriches kid’s thinking by promoting empathy and embracing differences through discussion based activities.
BNICE is FUN! It includes interactive team building, group discussions, and character challenges.
Optional program amenities include live guitar playing and magic that incorporates the BNICE message.


BNICE will work with student leadership to develop a curriculum that inspires positive character throughout the year.
If student leadership is not already in place, BNICE can help create a Character Council that regularly champions moral awareness.
Kids will learn to apply simple, daily acts of kindness into their lives, which will help them to better identify differences between right and wrong.
From faculty presentations to working side-by-side with individual teachers, BNICE can help emphasize the development of the school’s current character education program.


From educators to students, see what people are saying about BNICE with Chris French.


We had the pleasure of hosting Chris French in Goshen County, Wyoming.  Chris was so awesome to work with!  He spent ½ day at each of our four elementary schools and customized his programs based on the age-level of the students and to the needs of each individual school.  He is super-responsive to e-mails and questions and, basically, a nice guy.  I watched three of his programs (all at one school) and it was fun to watch him shift from working with K-1 students to 2-3 students to 4-6 students.  The message of each program was essentially the same (BNICE) but he reached out to each level in a unique way that was appropriate for that age.  He understands how to reach kids, whether through music, games, or magic tricks.


-Catherine Deahl – School Counselor – Goshen County, Wyoming

He Understands How To Reach Kids

I liked it when he had us do the opinions activity and we had to walk around the room, it was a super cool experience.

– Middle School Student

Opinions Matter

“Having Chris French present his BNICE program to my classes was very beneficial. I could hear the students reminding each other to BNICE to one another after he left. This program helped to support our school wide PBIS model and the classroom management strategies I used within my own classroom. After his visit my class embarked on a random acts of kindness challenge that each student worked on for 30 days to help continue the idea of being nice to those around you.”

– Karin Barone M.A. Ed; NBCT La Veta Elementary

Supported PBIS Model

“Chris French is a knowledgeable and organized presenter who delivers a strong message about character . He is able to easily connect with students and provides rich and engaging activities to get students talking and thinking about the importance of “being nice”. Chris truly cares about students and supporting their efforts in building positive relationships.”

– Renee Nollar: VP Arroyo Vista School K-8


Building Positive Relationships



According to surveys, schools who are committed to character education programs and curriculum have experienced positive and notable results.

% of schools reporting a drop in discipline referrals
% of schools who saw a drop in suspension rates
% of students reporting that they feel safe at school
% of parents reporting their child is more respectful